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After the town of Kalen is destroyed, five boys set out on a mission to rescue a princess and save the world. Through their journey, they must consult with the priestesses of four elemental temples, and fight against those who would usurp their power. Ultimately, they must defeat the most fearsome enemy of all - the evil beast, Roxor.


  • 42 hours of gameplay
  • large open world with increasing level of difficulty
  • Interesting characters with fully voiced dialogue
  • Unique music for each location

The Party:

Jack: An axe-wielding fighter-in-training with a childlike optimism.

Jesse: A sometimes bad-tempered blacksmith and swordsman with a fighting spirit.

Zach: A continually anguished mage who has frequent qualms about the mission.

Liam: A slightly narcissistic archer with a protective affinity for nature and the arts.

Scott: An aspiring shapeshifter who beats to the drum of a different drummer.

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I've removed this file due to lack of interest, and because the game will soon be available on Steam anyway.